Add Your Supplier Listing - FAQ and Instructions

ADK Directory


What is the Directory?

The Product Safety and Recall Directory provides information and articles submitted by industry experts on subjects such as product recalls, regulations, and compliance issues. 

Why should your business list with the Directory?

If you want to reach decision makers in a company’s Product Safety and Risk Management areas -- the ADK Product Safety and Recall Directory is the tool for you. The Directory is published in on-line and hard copy versions and is viewed by industry professionals all over the world.

This is your opportunity to participate in the only industry wide resource guide.

Who produces the Directory?

The Directory is produced by ADK Information Resources and the Center for Supply Chain Management Studies at Saint Louis University, this reference is independent, international, and focused on YOUR potential clients.

What does it cost and where will my listing appear?


The base cost is only $120 per year.  Your listing(s) will appear in the online directory for the remainder of month you sign-up and for an additional twelve full monthsThe hardcopy directory is updated once a year.

How do I sign-up?

The process is easy! 

Step one is to register. This simple form allows you to create and manage your own listings. Only you will have access to alter your listing.

Step two is to enter the appropriate information depending on your category preference. You may update or change your information at any time. Once you have reviewed the formatted listing and approved it, the data will be immediately available in the online directory (the main source of leads) as soon as you complete the payment process. 

Step three allows you to pay for your listing(s) online.  Each listing will also appear in four PDF versions and one printed version of the Directory.


Get started today and start growing your visibility!

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