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PC Squared Consultants, LLC
POB 821
Bentonville, AR 72712
United States
Phone: 479-595-8398
Web: www.consumerproductcompliance.com
Primary Contact: Paul Chen
Email: [email protected]
CEO: Paul Chen
Years in Business: 1
Industry: Quality Control Process
Services: Are you a consumer product company or manufacturer that sells to Walmart or Sam's Club? Do you have product regulatory compliance, quality assurance, laboratory test failures or other-related issues? If so, are you looking for independent and confidential advice from an experienced industry professional? Would you like to learn about the policies and expectations of the product compliance, quality assurance and testing programs for Walmart and Sam's Club suppliers? Would you like to know how to minimize the risk of your products from being removed from the stores, clubs, e-commerce websites and avoid potentially losing millions in sales & tarnishing your company's reputation with the buyers and supporting teams? If you answered YES, please contact us to find out more about our valuable services. We will set you up with a free consultation so you can hear what we have to say. You may not need our services immediately, but it's never too early to start planning for the future. On-call 24/7; fluent in English and working Chinese (Mandarin).
Industries Served: Consumer product companies and manufacturers for Walmart and Sam's Club
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4579 Laclede Ave., #326
St. Louis, Missouri 63108
Telephone: 314-497-1797
Email: [email protected]