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Charles E. Joern
Joern Law Firm
700 Commerce Drive
Oak Brook, IL 60523
United States
Phone: 630-288-2775
Fax: 630-288-4601
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.consumerproductlaw.com
Link to Biography: www.joernlaw.com
Educated: Knox College 1973, University Of Colorado Graduate School of Public Affairs 1976, DePaul University School of Law 1980
Admitted to Bar: Bar of Illinois, U.S. District Court for Northern District of Illinois, U.S. Appeals Court Seventh Circuit, U.S. Supreme Court
Practice Areas: Product Safety Consultation, Product Recall, Product Liability Defense
Practice Description: Legal representation of manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers in the area of consumer product safety laws and product liability litigation. Counseling of clients in CPSC regulatory compliance, mandatory reporting obligations, investigations, recalls, and civil penalty matters.
Federal Agency Representation: Consumer Product Safety Commission (7 years)
Industries Served: Consumer product manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers.
The Product Safety & Recall Directory
4579 Laclede Ave., #326
St. Louis, Missouri 63108
Telephone: 314-497-1797
Email: [email protected]