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ADK Information Services assists the business community in addressing the issues of product safety and quality, resulting in more effective product recalls and risk management, and a safer world for all.  
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The Product Safety & Recall Directory
The Product Safety & Recall Directory is a publication of ADK Information Services. Publishing of the directory is supported by Saint Louis University through the John Cook School of Business and the Centers for Entrepreneurship and Supply Chain Management. 
The Directory provides information and articles submitted by industry experts on such subjects as product recalls, regulations, and compliance issues. Visit our Listing page to learn about how to add your supplier listing to this industry wide resource. 

The Directory is published in on-line and hard copy versions. C
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Product Safety Education

In Cooperation with Saint Louis University’s John Cook School of Business, Center for Supply Chain Management Studies, ADK promotes professional development training for product safety professionals. 

Some our of course offerings include:

Advanced Product Safety Management course

A full week of executive leadership development content, focusing on strategic elements companies must address for an effective product safety profile. 

Product Safety Management
A leading university-level course for product safety managers, this 4 month program opens with a 2-day workshop focusing on the core elements of managing product safety, and then moves to a schedule of bi-weekly on-line webinars focusing on different product safety topics.

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Product Safety Network News

ADK launched the Product Safety Network News to provide easy access to the latest and most relevant product safety-related news articles from around the world. ADK monitors 35,000 news sections from more than 7,000 newspapers and online publications and delivers the most relevant articles to you on a weekly basis. In addition to the weekly delivery of articles, we include original articles submitted by industry experts.  Read Product Safety Network News Now!


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